Antelope Canyon

We woke up and immediately headed to our tour of Lower Antelope canyon. Lower

Antelope Canyon is in Page, Arizona and there are two options to explore it. Upper Antelope Canyon or Lower Antelope Canyon. The canyon is on Navajo  land so you can’t enter either without a Navajo tour guide and you can expect crowds with either choice, but Lower Antelope is a lot less crowded so we chose this option. The Upper canyon is known for its light beams, but we got to see a famous light beam in the Lower canyon as well!

Something I learned on this trip is that Navajo land has their own time and they don’t participate in daylight savings. So it’s important to figure out what time your tour is according to Arizona time. Don’t be that guy who shows up an hour late! Oh and you definitely need to reserve your spot on the tour to access these beautiful lands. When a place is this beautiful, you can bet other people will be there to enjoy it’s beauty 😉


Lower Antelope Canyon was breathtaking! Every picture captured the light in a stunning way and each picture was better than the last. It was so fun to take pictures there. Definitely worth the $20 to see this place! Our tour guide was so friendly and gave us tips for capturing the best pictures.

Now let it be known I have no photography knowledge whatsoever and the only lenses I know anything about is the kind that are in eyeglasses, but in an ideal dream world, my dream job is a travel photographer so I was pretty much in heaven taking pictures of this incredible place.

After our tour we ate another peanut butter sandwich for lunch (how we afford to travel = pb sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner ;)), we headed to Antelope Point Marina to kayak on Lake Powell and through the top of Antelope canyon.

The Antelope Point Marina has jet skis, house boats, and kayaks you can rent for reasonable prices.

It was awesome to see Antelope Canyon from a different perspective! Neither Myles or I had kayaked through a canyon before and it was very cool.

It was also kind of scary because there were boats speeding through the narrow canyon with us and we were were scared a speedboat would come around a big bend without seeing us and crash into us. But we survived so all is well. We kayaked for a while and hung out on a little beach in the middle of the lake. Lake Powell is a beautiful area and I can see why it’s such a big vacation spot. Maybe one day we can go back and rent a house boat!

After Lake Powell, we headed to Flagstaff to check into our Air Bnb. Our Airbnb host was the friendliest out of all of them and he had a cat so safe to say this was my favorite place we stayed.

We passed out shortly after we got there, ready to wake up at 3:45 am to make it to the Grand Canyon for sunrise!



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