Grand Canyon National Park

If you are anywhere near the southwest US, the Grand Canyon is probably on the top of your must do list.

The Grand Canyon is one of the 7th natural wonders of the world and I don’t think it really needs anymore introduction than that.

Myles and I were super excited to finally make it here so we decided to wake up at 3:45 am to drive from our AirBnb in Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon.

We woke up when our alarm went off debating if we should go back to sleep or go watch the sunrise.

Although we were exhausted, the fact that this was going to be a once in a lifetime kind of experience motivated us to get up 😉

We got in the car and headed to the Grand Canyon, an hour and a half drive from Flagstaff.


The feeling of entering the park before there was even a ranger to greet us and being one of the only cars on the road felt awesome. We got there just as the sun was rising at 5:30 am and it was stunning, I got chills when I first saw it. It seemed like I was watching a screen projector of this beautiful site, my brain couldn’t process the depth and beauty in front of me.


Honestly the pictures don’t do it justice. It was such a special experience and I’m glad we woke up so early!



After taking in the sunrise, we left the park to get necessary coffee and Myles got breakfast from McDonald’s. 1 iced coffee, 1 hot coffee, and 2 burritos for him was 13 dollars. Definitely the most expensive Mcdonald’s we’ve ever had. So just be warned, there are no cheap food options anywhere near this park haha.

After we were feeling more awake, we headed back to the Grand Canyon to do the South Kaibab trail. We hiked down down down into the canyon with the vast canyon as our view. The trail has beautiful views the whole time and even though it also has ton of horse poop, we loved it 😉




We hiked the 1.5 miles to Cedar Point and although you can obviousy go farther into the canyon, it’s recommended not to during the summer as a day hike and considering it was 100 degrees, we decided to enjoy our lunch at the Cedar Point lookout and then head back. I would love to come back and hike to the bottom when we can spend the night!



We challenged ourselves to hike back up to the top of the trai without stopping. It was 1.5 miles steep uphill and we felt accomplished when we reached the top.

We were pretty tired at this point due to our early morning so we checked out the visitor center and rode the GC bus to another viewpoint and then decided we were ready to get going.

If we had more energy and time, we would have done another hike but the hikes and viewpoints are actually pretty far from each other so consider  this  when you’re planning your trip! It’s hard to find parking at the viewpoints past the  early morning so the shuttle is necessary to travel from viewpoint to viewpoint.

Oh another thing we loved was how many moose there were. They were EVERYWHERE.


We loved our time at the Grand Canyon!

After making it back to Flgastaff and resting for a bit, we decided to go to this adorable little park in Flagstaff for sunset. It. was called Buffalo Park and I would go here all the time if  I lived in Flagstaff. The weather was gorgeous and the views were beautiful.


img_3627After that we went to downtown flagstaff and had drinks and dinner. The vibe is very laid back and it was a fun place to walk around. The perfect ending to another amazing day 🙂

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