Sedona is stunning. It’s the kind of place I would love to live one day.

The downtown touristy area is adorable and charming and there is an endless amount of beautiful hikes to do and places to explore.

It’s also home to the biggest houses I think I’ve ever seen. The Southwestern architecure is so unique and these massive houses were perched on top of the highest peaks so you can only imagine the views from their balconies. I think these houses probably belong to the people who invented tape or deodorant or something.


We left Flagstaff around 8 AM and arrived in Sedona around 9. Driving through Sedona to our hike, I felt like a little kid in a candy store looking out the window at the massive red rocks. My favorite time of day is the morning. It always has been. Even on a normal day when nothing exciting is happening or I’m just going to class. I’m not sure what it is about the morning but I’m usually excited and happy. When I’m traveling and there’s caffeine and beautiful scenery involved, I’m pretty much having a manic episode by 9 am 😉 I just get excited about things easily and the morning is the most exciting part of the day. So you can imagine my excitement levels while driving through Sedona knowing we had the full day to explore this beautiful place!

Our first hike was Bell Rock. We kind of chose to do it because we got a little lost. We had plans to do Devils Bridge but didn’t realize it was a little ways from us since we just put Sedona in our GPS.


Bell Rock Loop is an easy hike. It’s flat and the path is wide. It’s great for biking! We were enjoying the walk but wanted something a bit more exciting so we decided to climb up Bell Rock. The trail is unmarked past a certain point and there’s no foot trail either so it’s up to you to figure out the best place to climb the rocks is. It was super super fun! I don’t know if I could have done it without Myles helping me up and down at some points…I have short legs 🙂



After that we stopped at the gas station for Powerades and headed to Cathedral Rock. We did the hike up to the top and hung out at the top a bit. This hike was another super fun one and the perfect level of challenging.

I love being rewarded by views on hikes.



After that we went to Slide Rock State Park which was cool but it was overwhelmingly crowded so I wouldn’t suggest it during the summer if you don’t like crowds. It was a little too crowded with screaming kids and long lines for the rock slide to fully enjoy it. Still pretty though.

We were exhausted after that and headed back to Flagstaff!

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