How to Study

So my life is pretty boring right now. I’m in my second semester of my second year of optometry school and I’m required to study a lot.

I used to think I had so much to do in undergrad but looking back it makes me laugh how I used to think I was “so busy” with 4 classes. Now I have 10 per semester and tests, sometimes multiple, every week. But I’m not complaining. Okay yes I am but I do genuinely enjoy learning and for the most part enjoy school. I’ve always been one of those weird people who likes school.

If I was a better human with more motivation and stronger discipline, I would start my studying when I know I need to. But instead I start it at the last possible moment I can that still results in a decent grade. I was better about not procrastinating last semester but this semester I’m burnt out and I have a huge issue with procrastination so I find myself cramming more than usual.

It’s fitting that I’m writing this when I had my pharmacology test earlier today and not much sleep last night 😉

Yesterday was a pretty big cramming day so I came up with a list of things I do to help me deal with days like these.


1. HYDRATE. Hydration is (probably?) good for your brain.  I like to have 3 or 4 different types of beverages in close proximity. Switching up your beverage gives you the illusion of happiness and excitement when you get to taste different types of drink whenever you want. Also drinking a lot = peeing a lot = more study breaks.

2. SNACKS. Sometimes when I study I don’t even eat a real meal and I just snack on things. This gives you something to look forward to and another reason to take more breaks. This probably isn’t that healthy of a method but I do try to choose healthy snacks to make it better. Fruit, edamame, carrots and hummus, and whatever chips my boyfriend bought this week are some of my favorites 😉


3. Have an animal nearby. Preferably on top of you. It’s hard to be stressed when an adorable animal is laying on you.



4. Force your significant other to give you a neck massage. If you are in a particulary pathetic state, he may even offer without you asking.

5. Exercise. Even though you have “NO TIME TO DO ANYTHING”, make time. Even a 30 minute session can leave you feeling more productive and awake. Some days I’m cramming so much that I’ll just take my notes and read them on the stairmaster.  I always feel better after! Some days there’s no way in hell I can bring myself to work out while cramming and that’s okay too 😉


6. Slap yourself in the face. Cold water also works.

7. Lay on the floor. Something about laying on the floor can be therapeautic. Idk. Try it.

8. Switch up your location. I like to move between the couch, the kitchen table, and my big comfy office chair. Again, this gives the illusion of doing something different and keeps your butt from getting sore.

9. Try to remember the big picture. There are people dying out there. People have much bigger problems than some arbitrary exam that won’t matter in a few months. It’s good to remind yourself of this. If you need a harsh reminder, you can read the news.

10. Take a break. Sometimes a break can be really good for your productivity and tiredness levels.

Anyway. You could always just try being a normal human and going to the library and stuff. But I think my method is more fun 😉

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