First Time in San Francisco

San Francisco is such a unique and charming city. I fell in love with it right away.

Our day started at 4:45 am when we left for the airport to catch our 6:30 flight.

I was so excited on the plane I couldn’t sleep. Myles and I listened to podcasts and watched Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix. We started a new podcast called How I Built This where this guy from NPR interviews entrepreneurs about how they started their company. We listened to Airbnb and Instagram.  By the end of our trip, we had listened to every episode they came out with. I highly recommend it. The best part about almost all of these entrepreneurs is that they had no previous experience in the field. Very inspiring.

The flight went by fast and we finally arrived at the airport, grabbed our luggage, and found somewhere to get coffee and eat while we waited for Hana’s flight to arrive.

We split a $10 sandwich at Peet’s coffee because we were starving even though it kills our souls a little bit to buy insanely overpriced airport food.

Hana finally arrived and we immideitately headed to the BART train since tickets were much cheaper than an Uber would have been.

We arrived at the Powell street station after about 30 minutes, and walked up a flight of stairs to the most amazing site.

I’ve been to many big cities before, I was even born in NYC, but I hadn’t experienced anything like stepping out into San Francisco at Powell station.

Powell street has stunning architecture and was beautifully decorated for Christmas and I kind of felt like we were in a movie climbing those stairs from the train station with our suitcases in tow gawking at all of the beautiful buildings.



Our hotel was a short walk from the Powell Street Station and once we got to the Hilton, Hana gave us our christmas gift!
She got us a poloroid camera! I love when people get me gifts I didn’t even know I wanted but I totally love it.


The hotel let us check in early and we were off to explore!

First stop: Chinatown.


We were starving and found some food at a cute little place. We also passed by a bunch of places offering free tea tastings. We had to stop since tea is one of the loves of my life.

We met this super nice guy who grew up in San Francisco and let us taste any tea we wanted. We decided to buy Blue Tea which is actually their most popular seller. I swear this tea has an immediate calming effect and tastes delicious. I’m going to be so bummed when it runs out.

We also walked into plenty of little Chinese grocery shops where they were selling things like sea cucumbers for $150 per pound. The sea cucumbers had magical healing powers or something. I acutally used to work with alive sea cucumbers all the time at my old job teaching kids about sea critters. I would have stolen them to sell on the black market if I knew how much they were worth.


I told Myles and Hana I needed to buy a weird Chinese food to try. I had no idea what anything was, but the apple prunes and ginger lemon licorice sounded edible to me and I ended up going with the lemon ginger licorice. We tried it later on in the hotel and it smelled and tasted like Lemon Pledge. So that was a fail. Should have went with the apple prunes.

After exploring Chinatown some more, we wandered around Union Square a bit more taking in all the sights before we decided to grab an uber to the Painted Ladies.

Our uber driver was a super eccentric guy who was fun to talk to. He worked in Silicon valley by day and was an actor by night. Something I noticed about California was how friendly almost every single person we met was. Usually the locals in tourist towns aren’t so friendly to tourists but people in California (especially Nothern) welcomed us with open arms and were so sweet to us!  I don’t know if California people just like me better but that doesn’t happen much in South Florida šŸ˜‰

We were all under the impression the house shown in the Full House intro was one of the Painted Ladies but once we got there and couldn’t find it, we realized we were wrong. The Full House house was farther away and our sleep deprived bodies weren’t about to walk there.


Instead we just followed these hilly streets of beautiful woven trees that looked fake and enormous Victorian houses painted all colors of the rainbow that towered like castles. You don’t realize how big these houses are until you walk up to one and realize the steps to get to the front door are taller than you.


We walked for a long time just gawking at all the beautiful houses dreaming of a day we could live in a neighborhood like this. Then we got to the downtown area and freaked out over how cute it was. We didn’t even know what town we were in but the shops and restaurants were straight out of a movie. We all loved this little town so much! I even found an optometry practice that I could work at in the future šŸ˜‰ Later that night we discovered we were exploring Hayes Valley. I highly recommend checking out this adorable town!

We were exhausted after walking so much so we headed back to the hotel to rest and get ready for dinner. We ended up eating at a super cute restaurant called Bartlett Hall  near our hotel. I had a beer that tasted like grass and an incredibly delicious roasted chicken dish.

Enter a caption
After dinner we went to Union Square to see the Christmas Tree at night and then headed back to our hotel and crashed at about 9:30.


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