California Road Trip | Exploring San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most interesting cities I’ve ever been.

We started off our day grabbing breakfast at Starbucks which I’m pretty sure turns out to be the least expensive place in the whole city of San Francisco.

After that it was time to fulfill a bucket list item. THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.   The first view we checked out was from Crissy Field.  Our Uber dropped us off an we realized we had to walk through the wet field to get to the other side but we were so excited we practically ran through getting our feet soaked.

IMG_7429It was such a gorgeous view with the bridge in the distance, Alcatraz to the right and the skyline behind us. We walked along the path and took a bunch of pictures before we decided to call an Uber to get to the other side of the bridge for a closer up view.

On our way to walking to a better spot to grab an uber, we passed this little hut with the words whale sanctuary on it so we of course had to stop and see what it was.


We ended up meeting the cutest lady who runs it and gave us a huge lesson on all of the different types of animals they have in their sanctuary. We learned so much cool stuff. Like there’s two types of plankton and one of them stays plankton their whole life but the other type becomes sand dollars and crabs and other sea critters. Everything she told us was super cool, especially if you’re nerds who love animals like us πŸ˜‰ We ended up talking to her for like an hour, I’m glad we stopped!

After we headed to the other side of the bridge!

Apparently there’s a huge surcharge for ubering across the bridge but it was so worth it! We made it to the Vista viewing point and it was way high up so it was a great view. We were super close to the bridge and could see the skyline behind it. We took pictures and soaked in the stunning scene in front of us. The sun was shining and the air was chilly so it felt perfect and we all felt so grateful to be there. I love doing things that make you feel lucky to be alive πŸ™‚



Our next stop was Lombard street which is the crookedest street in the world. The houses and flowers that line it are gorgeous! It was a cool place to see. I can’t imagine having tourists taking pictures outside your window everyday but I guess the homeowners know what they’re signing up for.




After Lombard street we walked to Fishreman’s wharf, but not before stumbling across a beautiful street with no cars around at all so we took pictures in the street πŸ™‚ San Franscico seriously just has so much charm and beauty around every corner.


The first thing we saw was an In N’ Out which we had to stop at since Hana had never had it! Both Myles and I got sick from In N’ Out when we were in Vegas so we weren’t about to eat it again. But we both decided it was worth it πŸ˜‰ It’s so good! I just won’t be eating it ever again.

Fisherman’s wharf was awesome! There’s tons of seafood, shops, and BIRDS.


Myles and I got some fresh shrimp for lunch and it was really good! Seafood is my favorite. After that we explored and stopped in some of the little places along the way, including the Musee Mechanique, a chocolate store and the Boudin bakery.


The Musee Mechanqiue is an arcade with antique games. I seriously LOVE arcades so I really enjoyed it. I got my fortune told and apparently I’m going to become a lion tamer.

The Boudin bakery is a bakery, restaurant, and cafe that also has a little museum all about their history and how they make their bread. Sourdough bread is my favorite which is their speciality. The self guided tour was only $3 and you got to taste bread too. It was a fun little stop.

After the bakery we walked around. Hana bought her dad a shirt with a bunch of boobs on it. We ate chocolate. And we saw sea lions at Pier 39. So we definitely had a good time. Everything was decorated for Christmas and it was so cute and festive.

We took an uber back to the hotel to rest for a little before we headed to the Exploratorium’s After Dark. The Exploratorium is a museum with tons and tons of interactive exhibits (every exhibit is interactive!) and every Thursday night they have an adult only event where the museum is open after hours and they serve alcohol. It was like my dream come true. It had sections on color, light, sound, ect. It was so so fun and it was pretty cool to see a lot of the things I’ve learned about light and color from optometry school in an interactive form. I was seriously dying over how cool everything was. If you like learning and exploring, you need to go here!




This is from the monochromatic room where you walked in and everything lost its color. They had a bowl of jellybeans and a regular light to shine on them so you could try to guess what color the jellybean were but it was impossible.


This little dome thing showed you what it was like to only see one color and nothing else. It’s a really disorienting and trippy experience! You can change the colors and the different colors are supposed to affect your mood.



They had a lot of weird mirrors to play with.



This is me and Myles morphed as one.IMG_7617This is what Hana and Myles think of me.


This is just a small taste of the hundreds of exhibits they had! We also created clouds, touched plants that got sad and moved when you touched them, saw bugs destroy a rat carcass, and so much more. I can’t say enough about how awesome this place was.

So that’s how you fit all of the typical touristy San Francisco things in one day. We really only scratched the surface of this beautiful city and I can’t wait to go back!

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