California Road Trip | Christmas at Yosemite

Driving to Yosemite was an adventure! We left our campground at Napa as soon as we woke up. It was a 3.5 hour drive from Napa to Yosemite. The winding roads (or as I like to call them “windies”) there were scary navigating in our huge campervan. Car accidents are one of my worst fears so I was pretty anxious on the road. Ironic that road trips are one of my favorite things in life but I’m super anxious about car accidents.

I realized I like doing scary things that aren’t dangerous. Things that give you an adrenaline rush but you’ll make it out alive 😉 For example, Myles refuses to sky dive but I’m dying to go. Sky diving is way safer than driving in your car to work. You’re way more likely to die in a car accident. This is my argument for him going skydiving with me.


Anyway! We made it to Yosemite and shortly after entering the park we needed to put snow chains on our campervan. So, being from Florida none of us had no idea what snow chains even were before this trip. But good thing we researched because they’re a requirement for getting into Yosemite in the winter. We rented them from the Escape campervans for $50. So to put them on, first we had to figure out if they go on the front or back tires. Well we didn’t know if our car was front or back wheel drive considering we know NOTHING about utility vans. Luckily I asked a guy and he said back wheels so Myles attempted to put them on. First he accidentally put them on backwards but once we realized they were on backwards he got them on super quickly the right way. Turns out snow chains aren’t as complicated as they first seemed. They make your ride super bumpy though and you can’t go over 25 mph I guess, but it was fun being able to drive through the snow!



Oh I forgot to mention it was pouring down snow as soon as we entered the park. We were so excited and happy! We headed to Tunnel View first but since it was so snowy, the visibility wasn’t great. Even with bad visibility, what we could see was still beautiful. But we went back the next day and the difference was incredible with a clear sky. After enjoying the view, we roamed around Yosemite in our van, stopping at random places along the way like the visitor center and a beautiful lake where we ate fresh snow and played in the snow like we were kids.

The following day was Christmas Day and it felt like a dream to be in this winter wonderland on Christmas. We saw Bridal Veil Falls which was one of the most gorgeous waterfalls I’ve ever seen and did the Vernal Falls hike which was my first time doing a decently hard hike in the snow! I’ve done small hikes in Denver in the snow but this was a whole other level where you have to be very careful with the black ice since it was fairly steep. We saw a guy fall but luckily he remained on the mountain.
We explored Half Dome village and spotted Santa drive by on his sleigh as we were taking pictures of a deer feet from us.  We just walked around exploring and soaking in the magic and beauty all around us. This day was my favorite of the whole trip. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂





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